Do I have to be an accredited investor?
Yes. The qualifications to be an accredited investor can be found in the following link:

Do you have minimum investment size?
The minimum investment for NorthBridge Real Estate Fund 1 is $100,000.

Do you accept 1031 investors?
No, due to current IRS restrictions.

What is the difference between Class A and Class B Memberships?
Class A Membership is Limited Partner (LP) Interest and Class B Membership is General Partner (GP) Interest.

Do you have to remain in the investment throughout the duration of the hold period?
Yes. Due to the organizational structure of the fund, your investment is combined with others to leverage the strategies of the fund.

What does Equity Multiple, IRR, and Value-Add mean?

Equity Multiple is defined as the total cash distributions received from an investment, divided by the total equity invested.

IRR is defined as the “Internal Rate of Return” and is the value of the sum of all future cash flows according to when they occur in time. An offering’s IRR is often used to compare investment options with different funding levels and/or time-horizons to find the best application of funds during a set period of time.

Value-Add is defined as property that exhibits management or operational opportunities,
requires physical improvement, and/or suffers from capital constraints.