NorthBridge Real Estate Fund

NorthBridge Real Estate Fund is a privately-held real estate investment fund focused on strategically located value-add real estate opportunities in the greater Dallas Metroplex. The fund was originated in 2017 by a group of individuals with years of commercial real estate ownership through single-asset partnerships.  Our team was formed to expand our platform to leverage more capital and deal flow. 

Our experience in commercial real estate and land investments in the North Texas area distinguishes us as leaders in our market. The NorthBridge team includes professionals with expertise in brokerage, property and asset management, development, and finance backed by years of combined experience in sourcing, underwriting, managing, and profitably divesting of real estate. 


Take advantage of strong
real estate investment returns

NorthBridge Real Estate Funds provides investors with an opportunity to receive above market returns while diversifying their real estate holdings in the growing North Texas area. We package our Funds to provide participation in opportunities that may not have been available to them previously due to size of transactions or lack of personal expertise in the investment type. Our focused approach combines value-add income producing properties with transitional land investments.







A differentiated strategy
for the North Texas market

We are hands-on owners and operators with a deep commitment to the success of our investments. NorthBridge offers potential investors a unique focus in our market. By combining our long-term expertise in commercial property leasing and management, with an intimate understanding of the increasing demand for property in the rural outer rings of the DFW region, we work to produce higher than average market returns while providing significant stability.

When identifying opportunities, we look close at every detail – we live the minutia without losing sight of the big picture. Our differentiated investment strategy includes two key classes of investments:

For commercial real estate, we target value-add assets in a price range that is larger than most unsophisticated buyers typically pursue, but smaller than the institutional buyer’s traditional focus.

For land investments, we take a minimalistic approach to cutting larger tracts into smaller segments that are in great demand. Our focus is primarily in the rural North Texas counties where buyers are interested in owning land to build small ranches and  recreational properties.